Kimberley Lipschus

Kimberley Lipschus

Kimberley is a writer and director with a longstanding fascination for storytelling and the human condition.

“Stories create connection” is Kimberley’s mantra who has written for publications around the globe about travel, refugees and women’s issues.

In her diverse career, Kimberley has directed short films, TV shows, documentaries and radio shows and podcasts.

She has lived in Germany, United Kingdom, Singapore and now resides in sunny Byron Bay with her family.

Can travel change the world?

“Damn straight it can and it does. When we travel borders dissolve and when we connect with people from other cultures we come to realise that at our core, humanity is the same world over. Everyone with a heartbeat strives for the same things, every person alive thrives on love, kindness, community and connection.”

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