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What if we use the power of travel to change the world?

What if we positively change your world, as the traveller; their world in the places you go and the world as the planet we all inhabit?

Wouldn’t we all stand to benefit if we did?

Our mission is to spruik the good news stories of the individuals and businesses who are genuinely creating a revolution in the sustainable space of travel.

Why? Because little actions lead to a groundswell of bigger ones.

We want to inspire people to make informed travel choices so that they can become ambassadors for the world and better humans in the process.

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Pic: Hurtigruten Beach clean up

how can we travel to change the world?

socially and culturally…

Our understanding of other cultures begins with firstly being open to respecting them.

Ultimately, we’re all human beings with the same basic needs and challenges in life. All of us are searching to find more meaning in our time on this crazy, beautiful, mysterious planet we all share.

Once you start to break ‘Travel to change the world’ down as a concept, you’ll soon realise that there are so many simple things you can do to enrich the lives of others and enhance your own personal experiences on your travels.

How about being open and smiling at locals when you travel? (Sounds obvious – Amazing how many people aren’t), or picking up some litter (especially plastic) on your adventures? Even just a few pieces can make a massive difference.

Learning about the societies and rituals of the places you visit with a few words of the local language are also easy wins for everyone. Taking time to chat and connect with people (They’ll also learn something about you and where you’re from), choosing responsible tour options and local products that benefit the community for the long term are all other simple ways we can all begin to help.

Congratulations, you’re already travelling to change the world.


“It’s only one straw,” Said 8 billion people.

Tourism is now recognised as the biggest industry in the world and is only set to continue to grow as travelling becomes cheaper and more accessible for all.

But as our footprint expands, so does the risk of destroying the planet.

Becoming aware of and supporting the numerous trailblazers in the travel industry who are already making a difference is the best way to begin to travel responsibly.

For example, many airlines are already using Bio-fuels and offsetting their carbon usage with foundations in the destinations they operate, an increasing number of travel companies are going single-use plastic-free, and more and more transport is going electric.

There’s good news everywhere once you switch onto it.

It’s your cue to get involved so follow our #traveltochangetheworld hashtag for more ideas and inspiration.

with our fellow creatures…

It wasn’t long ago that riding captive elephants and taking selfies with drugged up tigers were socially acceptable as bucket list experiences.

Thankfully, times are changing, but there’s still an awful lot to do around positive change for animal welfare.

Making responsible choices around any wildlife interaction is a hugely positive step to changing human behaviour.

Do your research before you go with charities and ensure that the operators you choose are ethical and sustainable in the way they run their businesses.

Animal tourism can be a good thing and help provide an alternative income for communities and ex-poachers, as well as bring additional help and skills through volunteering projects and financial support for conservation projects.

But supporting performing animals, grabbing wildlife selfies or eating at places that showcase captive animals or worse – exotic animals on the menu are all trades that will only cease when tourists turn against them.

Use your best judgement, educate others and take a stand for good on your travels.

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