What if we use the power of travel to change the world?

What if we positively change your world, as the traveller, their world in the places you go and the world as the planet we all inhabit?

Wouldn’t we all stand to benefit if we did?

Our mission is to spruik the good news stories of the individuals and businesses who are genuinely creating a revolution in the responsible and sustainable space of travel.

Why? Because little actions lead to a groundswell of bigger ones.

We want to inspire more people to make informed travel choices so that they can become ambassadors for the world and better humans in the process.

Travel to change the world strives to feature remarkable sustainable travel products and experiences alongside responsible travel advice and inspiration to travel better.

Image: Australian Marine Conservation Society

We’d love you to get involved!

Getting involved is easy! It’s all about the little things you can do that add up to a groundswell of change. Here’s how you can get started.