August 14, 2019

DESTINATION PRIDE: Your LGBTQ travel sense checker before you go

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Need to know how much your next destination respects LGBTQ travellers? Destination Pride has the answer.

Destination Pride is a data-driven search platform that rates cities around the world based on the legal rights and protections they give to LGBTQ people.

The project was created by PFLAG Canada, who is Canada’s only national organisation that offers peer-to-peer support striving to help all Canadians with issues of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.

While it’s created as a travel rater, it’s really useful when choosing where to stay long-term.

Using the platform is super easy and gives you a quick snapshot into a destination’s tolerance and safety level.

Search for a city, and Destination Pride scores it based on local, state and national civil rights laws, plus takes relevant and up to date social media conversations into account.

Destination Pride sums up the results in a cool rainbow-flag graph with the scores fluctuating in real-time.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Here’s what we discovered

Buenos Aires scores 82

Paris scores 73

London scores 68

Moscow scores 34

Dubai scores 30

Tokyo scores 26

Singapore scores 13

Denpasar, Bali scores 11

Brunei scores 6

Cairo scores 4

Cairo, Egypt

Any surprises there?

While Destination Pride doesn’t give a full law-by-law breakdown for destinations, it makes an excellent jumping-off point to dive deeper into your research before you travel.

Different towns in the same state might have similar ratings, despite having very different local vibes.

It’s important to note that Destination Pride is still only a guide and while is a useful yardstick, shouldn’t necessarily be a reason not to travel.

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