May 28, 2019

CHEF’S GARDEN: The W Bali Seminyak launches a tasty green initiative

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The W Bali in Seminyak just introduced the “Chef’s Garden”, dedicated to growing & providing high quality, flavoursome produce on location.

Although Bali comes with a complex web of troubles regarding pollution and environmental sustainability, there are a growing number of businesses standing up to proactively take part in a greener future.

One of the most recent and impressive movements toward more responsible business models in Bali has been spearheaded by the impressive W Bali Seminyak.

Their new Chef’s Garden is an impressive size of 326 square metres and is located on the grounds of W Bali, amidst the hustle and bustle of Bali life. And it’s certainly got a lot of people talking, including us.

What will you experience?

The hospitality scene in Bali is truly a foodies dream, from fit-outs to experiences, service, and world-class dishes. There’s no shortage of amazing venues to dine at in Bali.

What isn’t as celebrated, however, is the quality of produce, and the lack of transparency regarding where the food has come from.

There’ll be no more guesswork when you dine at the W Bali, their garden will now provide fresh produce across all dining and bar outlets within the complex, from Starfish Bloo to FIRE and WooBar.

You’ll know exactly where your food comes from, and you can rest easy knowing that your meal has quite literally been plucked fresh from the ‘paddock’ to your plate on the same day!

The venue is dedicated to a growing wealth of fresh fruit and vegetables from eggplants, tomatoes, zucchinis, habanero chilis, mixed greens, and lettuces, to microgreens, herbs and edible flowers.

The chillies grown will create the venues own sambal selections in-house; coriander will hero in the Peking Duck Rice Paper Rolls, and the assortment of herbs will provide fresh new flavours to signature dishes.

At the bar, fresh mint will be picked daily for mojitos, thyme, and rosemary for infused simple syrups, and basil for other speciality drinks.

If you opt to participate in their “Wannabe Chef” Program at Starfish Bloo, you’ll also have the opportunity to harvest the freshest products from the Chef’s Garden, too.

W Bali - Seminyak - Chefs Garden_2122

What will the positive impact be?

The Chef’s Garden was created intentionally to maximise sustainability and discover more holistic and clean ways of growing & using food in Bali.

This has helped to not only alleviate the carbon footprint of delivery, but it’s also been an essential platform to educate both the venue’s staff and guests on what it means to run a sustainable garden.

“I feel blissful to have this garden in our backyard. It not only sustains our outlets but it teaches our cooks, chefs, and guests where our food comes from and how to respect the ingredients. It shows us an understanding of how long it takes to grow a fruit or vegetable. It shows us how to take care of plants. Having our team here taking care of the garden teaches us all to respect the products before it goes on a plate, resulting in a tastier dish.”

Cher Beryl Adler, W Bali’s Director of Culinary

Find out more at the W Bali Seminyak

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