April 25, 2019

G Adventures launches new wellness trips to reconnect and recharge

Words by Matt Leedham

G Adventures has launched a brand new collection of tours dedicated to wellness, designed to help travellers slow down, find their balance and reconnect with the world and themselves.

The new wellness tours will unfold in 10 destinations around the world including Nepal, Costa Rica, Iceland, Patagonia, Tuscany and Peru, ranging from seven to 13 days.

Travellers can expect to join in local rituals on their tours such as a purification bath in Bali, a prayer ceremony with monks in Nepal and an ashram stay in India.

Wellness Costa Rica

What’s the challenge?

According to Australian mental health charity, Way Ahead, recent numbers released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics show that Australians are stressing more than ever.

While everyone acknowledges they get stressed from time to time, it is not well known that stress can have detrimental effects on both your physical and mental health.

People are often particularly reluctant to admit that the stresses of life are affecting their mental wellbeing and seek help for it.

On top of this, more than one-quarter of Australians reported experiencing at least some anxiety symptoms, with 13% of these Australians reporting severe to extremely severe levels of anxiety.

Wellness Bali

What’s the solution?

G Adventures says that ‘Travel connects us — to our planet, to its people, and to ourselves.’ Wellness travel was created to recharge the body and nourish the mind.

Their new Wellness tours offer the perfect balance of awe-inspiring destinations, rejuvenating activities, and healthy food experiences, helping travellers return home feeling even better than when they left.

Examples of the new itineraries include; ‘Wellness Bali’, a nine-day tour taking in some of Bali’s most ancient spiritual sites and wellness rituals.

From the Hindu temple of Tirta Empul, where travellers will purify themselves a traditional holy bath, to discovering the secrets of “Boreh”, the island’s traditional herbal medicine.

Another is ‘Wellness Colombia‘, an eight-day tour which includes sampling local flavours on a street food tour in Cartagena, spending a day hiking into Tayrona National Park and wandering through the foothills of the Sierra Nevada to the Aluna Springs to enjoy a guided meditation next to a waterfall.

‘Wellness Italy’, on the other hand, is a seven-day tour focusing on local food and being present in the stunning surroundings.

Farm to table style cooking classes, restorative evening yoga and natural thermal pools are twinned with a traditional vineyard visit and a local wine tasting.

“Wine?” We hear you say… Everything in balance remember.

Wellness Italy, with wine of course!

G Adventures Managing Director Australia and New Zealand Adrian Piotto says now is the perfect time to launch into the wellness space as more people look to combine their healthy lifestyle with travel.

“The wellness industry has skyrocketed in recent years with consumers seeking new ways to alleviate stress, reduce illness and boost wellbeing.”

G Adventures Managing Director Australia and New Zealand, Adrian Piotto

What will the positive impact be?

G Adventures new wellness trips are designed to be centred around the three pillars of mindfulness, movement, and nourishment with the aim of inspiring and educating travellers to help build their own ‘Stressbusting’ tool kits after the tours are over.

Find out more: www.gadeventures/wellness

G Adventures, Costa Rica

How can you travel to change the world?

Congratulations! By reading this post and taking some of these insights on board, you’ve already made a difference.

Now you can easily create your impact by sharing your new-found knowledge with other friends who you think would also be interested.

Ultimately, responsible travel comes down to common sense – stay curious, keep yourself up-to-date with the challenges at hand and make yourself accountable for your actions on your travels.