April 27, 2019

Pan Pacific and Parkroyal Hotels are levelling up on sustainability & giving plastic the toss

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Parkroyal on Pickering

First, they eradicated plastic straws, now it’s ALL single-use plastics. Pan Pacific Hotels Group are on a mission to make a positive & lasting effect on the environment.

Pan Pacific Hotels Group including Parkroyal Hotels and Resorts is a Singapore Based company and one of the most established hotel & property groups in Asia.

With 40+ hotels, resorts and serviced suites spread across 24 cities from Asia to Oceania, North America & Europe, it’s an extraordinary understatement to say that their commitment to remove all non-biodegradable single-use plastics from their venues worldwide is impressively inspiring.

What would send most into a spiral of nightmarish logistical concerns only fuels the group’s ambition to uphold their integrity & sincerity in everything they do.

Inspired by their last sustainable efforts to eliminate straws from their venues in July last year. The decision to eliminate all single-use plastics came after the group began exploring ways to become even more environmentally-friendly.

The Pan Pacific Melbourne

What will you experience on your stay?

At any of their hotels, you’ll experience a stay that is free from disposables, including but most definitely not limited to plastic pens, stirrers, takeaway coffee cups, and boxes.

In your room, you’ll notice the in-room slippers aren’t wrapped in single-use plastic, and you won’t see any of these hideous throwaway plastic laundry wraps.

Pan Pacific Hotels, Resorts & Serviced Suites are iconic & recognised worldwide for their uncompromising sincerity in all areas of their business.

Staying at any of the countless accommodation options worldwide you can expect a warm greeting that makes you feel at home when you’re far from it.

The Parkroyal on Pickering, Singapore. An award winning eco space

What will the positive impact be?

The group has already successfully implemented a zero plastic straw tolerance policy, and have managed to reduce the energy and water consumption per guest by an unprecedented 24.8 per cent over the last five years.

By becoming more strict with their sustainability policies and stance on plastics the group is hoping that their latest initiative will help protect the environment for the future and the future generations.

“We are also taking sustainability to the next level by looking at the traceability of food products and ways to minimise food waste generated at our properties in the near-term.”

Neo Soon Hup, Pan Pacific Hotel Group Senior Vice-President of Operations

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Pan Pacific Yangon, Myanmar

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