April 26, 2019

HELP DUMBO: Sign up to save ‘Dumbo’ the baby elephant from a life of slavery in Phuket

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Phuket Zoo, Thailand

‘Dumbo’ the baby elephant and many more like her need your help to save them from a life of slavery in Phuket.

We see so many events on the news that make us feel out of control; like we can’t do anything to stop all the madness that’s circulating around us.

But every now and then, we see acts of depravity, and we can take our control back because there’s something we’re able to do straight away.

We’re calling all of our amazing readers to do a little bit of good before they’ve even finished their morning coffee.

Sign the petition to save Dumbo here!

What’s the challenge?

There’s a beautiful baby elephant called Dumbo living in a zoo in Phuket who’s forced to perform by day, and by the night she’s called out to ‘work’ on the inner city, tourist lined streets of Southern Thailand.

Amy Jones, from Moving Animals, explains how “shocking photos also reveal her skeletal body, raising concerns of possible malnourishment and exhaustion”which is a sign of distress.

According to Jones, their investigators found that the baby elephant, who they nicknamed Dumbo, was forced to dance to rave music, play musical instruments, pose for photos and perform tricks for laughing tourists.

The photos taken by Moving animals featured in this story are of Dumbo performing at the zoo, which has numerous negative reviews on TripAdvisor for their treatment of animals.

Perhaps, the saddest fact in poor Dumbo’s reality is that it’s the tourists’ money who fund this continued captivity for the young elephant.

Image: Moving Animals

What’s the solution?

The truth is that unless little Dumbo is freed, she will spend the rest of her life forced to perform for tourists.

Animal activist group Moving Animals won’t stand for it, and neither should you.

Moving Animals group is now campaigning for dumbo to retire, be removed from the zoo’s care and transferred to an animal sanctuary.

They’ve even started a petition calling out Phuket Zoo and urging them to release baby Dumbo to an ethical Sanctuary immediately.

The petition as already accumulated over 200,000 signees and they’re so close to reaching their goal number.

Sign the petition to save Dumbo here!

Jaipur, India where blind and lame elephants are forced to carry tourists.
Image: Moving Animals

What will the positive impact be?

You may think this signing a petition is like “whatever” and probably futile, but as you’ve just read above, there are already 200,000 signatures on it, many of whom probably thought the same as you initially.

Aside from saving Dumbo, there are so many more elephants animals all over the world in need of help too.

Showing your support changes people’s mindsets with the hope of educating travellers that financially supporting these ‘shows’ is not acceptable any more.

“We must stop this from being her fate for the rest of her life.”

Amy Jones, Moving Animals

Find out more: www.movinganaimals.org.au / Sign the petition here

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