April 29, 2019

This Fijian Island has just Eliminated ALL single-use plastic items for good

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A Fijian luxurious adults-only resort is committing to sustainability in a radical way. The entire island has just gone 100% plastic free.

Fiji’s Royal Davui is endeavouring to be one of the most environmentally-friendly resorts in the world, and they started by eradicating all single-use plastics entirely from the premises.

Royal Davui’s Owner Christopher Southwick revealed his decision to become a plastic-free venue after realising that the island used nearly 10,000 straws, 2,500 food containers, and 15,000 water bottles in a single year.

What will you experience on your stay?

Architecturally designed and constructed responsibly around old growth trees, the exclusive Royal Davui is an environmentally friendly resort located to the South of Suva.

It’s as the resort says, “where luxury meets sustainability, where fine dining meets environmental responsibility.”

A night in any of the 16 villas scattered across this refined Fijian island will provide you with a “unique, barefoot experience while maintaining responsible luxury”.

It’s a venue where plastic straws are substituted with paper, and plastic bottles are replaced with reusable glass bottles, that are easily refilled via the islands state-of-the-art filtration system.

No longer will the typical array of ‘miniature toiletry bottles presented neatly on a bed’ welcome guests to their villa here either.

Instead, the Royal Duvai are favouring larger amenity bottles that guests can take home with them at the end of their stay. Additionally, you can expect your bedding to be changed every third day as opposed to daily.

This immaculate Fijian resort also has a full tertiary water treatment plant.

So what does that mean exactly?

It means that all wastewater is cleaned and reused with no impact to the environment. Additionally, an eco-friendly water catchment area was constructed at the summit of neighbouring Beqa Island, with a 5-kilometre pipe anchored to the lagoon bed that feeds the islands storage tanks.

Enjoy environmentally friendly diving adventures at your doorstep and witness the diverse array of marine life, or simply sip cocktails in your private pool overlooking a marine sanctuary most only dream of.

What will the positive impact be?

The construction of the water catchment area eliminated the need for a desalination plant and therefore removed its negative environmental impacts.

Not only does the water line provide pristine water to the island, but it also supplies clean water to the local village and school.

The entire resort was built using timber from sustainable plantation stock, reducing the impact on the local forests. Then by placing the Vales in particular locations, they eliminated the need to cut down old growth trees ensuring the area remained as undisturbed as possible.

The sewage treatment plant also helps the resort to keep the impact of the coral reef to an absolute minimum. On top of this, it allows for all the resorts wastewater to be correctly treated and repurposed into useable garden water.

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